Clouds On The Horizon
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bettyv Anything Might Happen
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Clouds small and white in the bluest sky.

Clouds On The Horizon

Clouds small and white in the bluest of summer skies. I dream hazily and enjoy the blissful moment. The sun on my face and the breeze moving the grass on the hillside.

I am a slave and it isn't often I get a moment to myself.

My master sent me ahead with the first waggon. We unpacked and there is nothing to do until the rest arrive.

I watch the clouds again, no longer white. There are a quite a few funny dark grey ones to spoil the view.

I smile and tell myself that nothing lasts for ever. I get up and turn back to town.

I really hope that the master will be happy in his new home. If he is happy we humble slaves will have an easier time of it, and we will be happy.

I cross my fingers and truly hope that my wandering master can finally settle himself down in Pompeii!

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