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bettyv Anything Might Happen
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This way, that way


This way, that way Which way shall I put it for comfort Will it hurt on the block? When the axe falls Swoosh and it is over

It is almost dawn and soon I shall know I will die as a Queen of England should die With my head held high And my dignity intact until the end

My name is Catherine Howard I am seventeen years old My youth sacrificed to the vanity and ambition of men In a world where I am a pawn in someone elses game One I could never hope to win

Charged with producing an heir A vanity child for my husband Old King Henry Who is no longer capable

They are coming now I hope the axe is sharp My neck is small They help me climb the scaffold I dare not shake And shame my family

And this is it ... Swoosh

Catherine of Aragon -Divorced Anne Boleyn -Beheaded Jane Seymour -Died Anne of Cleves -Divorced Catherine Howard -Beheaded Catherine Parr -Survived Henry VIII wanted a son...

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