Meals On Wheels
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A red triangle of warning.

Meals On Wheels

A red triangle of warning. It blinked on and off in the distance.

Someone was in trouble on this dark and lonely road.

Well they would just have to get on with it, he didn't have time to stop.

If some sucker couldn't change a tyre that was their lookout.

They could walk the four soggy miles into town, not his problem.

He drove the truck past and looked, it was a wreck of a car

Probably the old coffin dodger he had seen chugging along earlier, not looking where he was going. Elderly drivers were a menace and one more off the road was a blessing in his view.

So he breezed on by without a second thought.

The triangle blinked again.

The beast sighed as he stirred himself and stretched out his enormous paws.

He would have to run to catch the truck up before it hit town, but he was sure that it wouldn't be a problem.

He blinked his one red eye and wondered how long it would take for the other one to recover.

He didn't mind. Having only one triangular eye was proving to be a distinct advantage.

He belched. He wasn't hungry but a final snack before he turned back into a little old man again sounded good. There was something about canned food that he couldn't resist.

Especially the kind that came on wheels!

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