Bittersong hate stories

bettyv Anything Might Happen
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Hate It is a creeping poisonous thing that lurks within us all A narrow pointed band Sharp as steel That aims for the heart

Yet it is not blind It knows what it seeks Hate is never alone It is always in the company of others

Hate is a coward It cannot grow Without friends to give it life

Hate is discerning It picks and chooses who it hurts Dividing and conquering those who cannot fight And disregarding those who stand in the way

If it is beaten back it flees It retreats underground And grows again in secret whispers Slowly seeping into the ears of those who wish to hear its call

Hate is the cancer at the heart of the world We keep it chained within us Hoping that the beast will not break free

Hate, like love, is all consuming Once a fire is lit we cannot put it out Until it burns us Leaving only a husk

Hate sings a bitter song A siren call to some who wish to dance to the tune A conga of destruction for others You cannot defeat hate Only keep it contained

For hate is as old as time Twisted and dark A wake-up note for the world Before it is too late.

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