Circle of Pain
Circle of Pain

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bettyv Anything Might Happen
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There is a boulder on my shoulder

Circle of Pain

Sisiphus was a cruel Greek King. His punishment in Hades was to roll a large rock up a steep hill. Every time he got to the top it slid down and he began again A circle of pain for all eternity...

There is a boulder on my shoulder Heavier as I grow older I am pushing fit to bust a gut But I can't give in It's a punishment for sin

I'll probably stop When I get it to the top It's just this rock and me As you can plainly see For all eternity

To reach the peak is a source of pride Only to see it slide and glide Back to the start Which breaks my heart

It's a labour of love To shove and heave Toil without leave Because There's this boulder on my shoulder...

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