A Parcel From My Uncle Jim
A Parcel From My Uncle Jim parcel stories

bettyv Anything Might Happen
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Having a go at children's poetry. Be interested to know what you think!

A Parcel From My Uncle Jim

A parcel from my Uncle Jim Could be short or tall or fat or thin You never knew What lay within Especially if it came from him!

This one was large, the paper thick I'm sure at first I heard it tick Then it burped or I thought it did There was something written on the lid

This way up it said in green I wondered what it might have been It gave a jump and then it dropped Right off the counter where it stopped

My mother said we should take care It could be anything in there It made a noise, a sort of howl Then turkeys, followed by a growl

Out came streams of purple smoke That smelt a bit like artichoke It put out legs in yellow socks Right through the bottom of the box

Mum fetched her old and trusty broom Then she chased it from the room Down the garden to the shed She leaned against the door and said

I'm having words with Uncle Jim You never know when it comes from him

What was in the box? You decide Draw me a picture

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