A Christmas Tale
A Christmas Tale christmas stories

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She walked through the snow

A Christmas Tale

She walked through the snow her feet blue with cold She had shoes but didn't want to put them on What was the point Where she was going she didn't need footwear

Her love was gone and Christmas meant nothing Grief overwhelmed her. She could not face a second Christmas alone without Sven So she had decided to walk until she froze or a hungry winter bear ate her

Finally she fell and lay in the snow awaiting death beneath a couple of trees

But the branches of the trees covered her and kept the snow off until a young woodcutter found her. He carried her off to his hut where it was warm and she was no longer alone.

He told her he was a widower. His wife Greta had died last Christmas in the avalanche that had claimed so many lives including Sven's.

They stayed together warm and safe while the snow whirled outside. They talked and talked and talked until they decided that life might be worth living after all.

She remembered that Sven had not always been kind. He began to realise that Greta had been quite vain

The taller tree said to its neighbour. Greta what do you think they would do if they knew that the souls of people who die at Christmas get put into mountain trees so that they can watch over their loved ones for a while.

The smaller tree shook some snow off its branches and laughed. Oh I don't think they would ever believe us Sven.

The sun came out

Isn't it beautiful Greta said as the wind blew through her branches and the snow melted. I feel like​ my face has just been washed. Sven laughed, you look beautiful he said, like the sins of the world have been washed away.

Inside the hut warm and safe they watched the mountain come to life. Two birds one large one small soared off into the morning air until they were nothing but a memory.

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