A change is as good as a rest
A change is as good as a rest supernatural stories

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Jim lives in our street. He's a nice bloke, always helpful and ready to give you a hand. Not sure how old he is, not young but not old, late 50s or early 60's maybe. He keeps in shape, works out sometimes and he likes a run in the hills about once a week. I do believe there was a Mrs Jim once, but she died. There is a son somewhere but I've never seen him.

A change is as good as a rest

Jim lives in our street. He's a nice bloke, always helpful and ready to give you a hand. Not sure how old he is, not young but not old, late 50s or early 60's maybe.

He keeps in shape, works out sometimes and he likes a run in the hills about once a week. I do believe there was a Mrs Jim once, but she died. There is a son somewhere but I've never seen him.

I like Jim he's been really good to me and mum. Dad walked out on us years ago, I don't really remember him. Jim has sort of stepped in when mum needs a hand.

She's independent but everyone can do with a friend to help out.

Now I'm 16 I can help her out too, but I still like to talk to Jim, he's a good listener.

I get a rough time at school, I am bullied a lot because I'm a late developer and not much good at sport.

I like quiet things, writing, reading, music. I'm not into clubbing or stuff like that.

One day I hope to be a writer, I'm all set for a university course in creative writing if I get my exams. I think I will because I study hard.

Sometimes Jim takes me fishing, we sit by the lake not saying much. We will talk but generally we just sit.

I do have friends but they tend to be quiet kids like me. Recently some really worrying stuff has been happening to me you know personal stuff.

Not something I can talk to mum about, I mean she's great but it's just not stuff you can tell your mother if you get my drift.

We were sitting fishing when Jim gives me a look, he says that my mum thinks something is on my mind and do I want to talk about it, bloke to bloke.

I just want the ground to open up and let me fall down a hole. I go bright red but Jim just pats my hand.

It's ok he says, it's just that your mum is worried about you. She's got it into her head that you want to tell her something and don't quite know how to go about it.

We can talk it over if you like. Never be ashamed of who you are Tom he says with a smile.

I say quietly. You are are going to think I'm crazy, but recently every time you know I think about girls and get a bit turned on something happens to me and it's really worrying.

Jim laughed, that's perfectly normal, it happens to every boy, just think about something else until it goes away if it's inconvenient.

You don't understand I say, how many boys grow hair on the back of their hands when they get worked up.

Oh he said, I see, I thought that might be it.

He gave me this weird look, Tom I think it might be confession time for both of us.

I just stared, what sort of confession I said hoping this wasn't going to get mucky. Old people sex was just a step too far.

He coughed, well your mum and I were getting round to telling you about us. I thought you might have worked it out for yourself by now.

I was genuinely shocked, I thought it was great when I chewed it over, but it took a while.

We've been together for a long time, and well you need to know some stuff.

Go on I said slowly.

He smiled, I'm your dad Tom.

That was it, I genuinely couldn't handle this at all. I was all ready to run off into the woods when he said quietly.

I'm a Werewolf Tommy and so are you, at least you will be in a couple of years. Your Grandfather and his father going way back have all been Werewolves, it's genetic! The old French name for us is 'Le Loup Garou' It means the tail-less ones

My jaw dropped, it was nuts but it kind of made sense. It explained the hairy hands thing and a few other oddities as well.

Jim said slowly. You can learn to control it, all that chaining yourself in the cellar when there is a full moon is just rubbish.

It means that you have the ability to change shape sometimes, which can be one hell of a relief I'm telling you.

Living around the moors means that there are quite a few of us Shape Shifters. There's a whole community of Lycanthropes.

Why did you leave us I said? It was the first thing I could think of.

I didn't, not really, he said. We changed towns and I moved in up the road.

Have you ever tried getting a three year old to keep his mouth shut about the fact that the dog biscuits in the cupboard are for daddy.

Or that mummy has to give him flea drops when he's been out on the moors. I didn't want to go We just thought it was for the best.

Blimey, I was staggered. That's all going to happen to me is it.

Yes son it is. I can teach you how to get it under control and then you can change at will. It's an incredible feeling of freedom bounding along letting the wind ripple through your fur.

That's why you are a bit of a late developer, all those Werewolf genes need to develop too.

He smiled, I can guarantee that by the time you are 21 you will be well over 6ft with muscles other blokes would die for. We are big gentle beasts that get a bad press.

Our kind are never the snarling monsters of legend. We like to chase stuff, rabbits, deer sometimes, but mostly it's just for fun.

A raw steak usually does it for most of us when we feel the need.

Think of it like this, some guys like to cross dress in the privacy of their own homes. They have a need that isn't always understood.

There's nothing at all to be ashamed of, but the world isn't always quite as accepting as it should be, so they tend to keep quiet about it. We are the same.

If we are lucky we can find an understanding partner, like I did with your mum. It isn't easy being us, but help is out there if you need it. In fact I run a little website for our kind. Word gets around.

We offer discreet advice to those who may be experiencing the same sorts of things that you are going through.

He winked, a partial change can be brought about by strong emotion if you don't know how to keep a lid on it.

If you suddenly notice that everything seems a bit more furry at certain times,

chances are the first thing you are going to do is to freak out and then google 'I think I'm a Werewolf' and we pop up.

We offer advice and training, even lonely hearts for some of the older ones.

I just sat listening, my jaw hanging.

You ok he said, it's not every day you find a dad and a new pet rolled into one is it?

No I said, it's one hell of a lot to take in. I might need some time to get my head around it 'dad', I said with a grin.

Yeah I know, he said, shall we go and find your mum. It will be nice to be a family again.

I nodded and he gave me a great big hug. I cried like a baby when I saw mum, in fact we all cried but that was the beginning of a whole new life for us.

It was a day that I will never forget. Dad lives with us now. I've been having training for the past two years. I managed my first full change after about 6 months.

It's the most incredible buzz like he said. It's liberating to be able to shed your human shape for a while.

The Werewolf community is great, very supportive. My English teacher Mrs Smith is one. I love to go out for run with dad and sometimes with a group of other young Werewolves.

He was dead right, I did grow, nobody bullies me now.

You know what they say, sometimes a little change is good for all of us.

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