On the Battlefield
On the Battlefield war/fantasy/poetry/sword/bloody stories

bethelwoods I sing and write about fantasy concepts!
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The path of life is a bloody one

On the Battlefield

On the battlefield hanging by a string Hiding behind the hungry sword of kings I have lived long enough to know That our decadence lasts until we let go

On the battlefield of broken minds Warriors of choice denied Fighting against compassion they cry Prefering to blind their own eyes

I see people dying on the inside Decomposing when they should be alive Thinking themselves martyrs of a third world On blood thirsty fields armor impearled

When did they let all their dreams die? Or be fooled into believing This was their fantasy come to life Letting themselves be force fed lies

No more waiting to do what you're told Time to put all fears behind A voice screaming out In the back of your mind It’s now or the end or your life

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