Things I overheard in my math class
Things I overheard in my math class  funny stories

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this is just random things i actually here kids at my school say. they wack

Things I overheard in my math class

Boy- ¨i haven't even used a pencil at all today¨

*teacher*- ¨I could explain how and why we got the answer but I think yall just want the answer *whole class*- yes

Girl- ¨i have to drink a lot of water for my surgery¨

Girl- ¨i haven't got a pencil yet but i'm paying attention¨

Boy- *Screaming * ¨ - 3¨ Girl- ¨why you being loud for¨

Girl- ¨whats going on¨ Some other girl- ¨i have no idea¨

Teacher- ¨look at number 5¨ Boy- ¨Uh oh lord¨

girl- ¨im quitting¨

Boy- ¨imma sail to china¨

Boy- ¨i don't think Jesus would approve¨

Girl- ¨did you just call me fat?¨ Boy- ¨no, but thats ya 3rd one¨

Teacher- ¨if y'all don't have anything academic to contribute then shut up¨

Teacher- ¨now you work back erds ¨ A few boys- ¨Ba CK eRdS¨

Girl- ¨who came up with this. I just wanna talk¨

Boy to teacher- did someone make a joke i must have missed it because they all laughing Teacher- i don't know i don't care

Boy- someones car is on fire Some Boy- he broke my neck Another boy- i actually believed it

*A few boys laughing* One of the boys laughing- ¨Alright shut up its not that funny¨

Boy- ¨Jesse told me to tell you someone is breaking into your car¨ Teacher- ¨Ok¨

Boy- ¨Gage just called me an Aardvark¨

Boy- ¨Im gonna fail and not get my welding degree¨ Girl- ¨Boo Hoo¨

Girl- ¨Why is the paper so small?¨ Teacher-¨ a saving of the trees¨

Boy-¨ so you only teach for insurance¨ Teacher- ¨ well i don't do it because i love yall¨

Boy whispering to his friend - is this a test friend- I don't think so ask Boy- ¨is this a test?¨ Teacher- ¨It will be if you don't shut up¨

Girl looking at me- ¨I feel like trash like I legit might pass out ¨

Girl-¨ I don't understand any of this¨

Girl- *raising her hand for help the 5th time* *Teacher walking towards her* Girl- I am so sorry

Boy-¨ Lexi, gage said he wants to get sloppy drunk with you¨ Lexi-¨ uh no thank you¨

Boy-¨ I think i would beat you in boxing¨ Teacher-¨ no you wouldn't¨ Boy-¨ do you even know the first rule of boxing¨ Teacher- ¨I don't care, I'll punch you in the nose ¨

Boy- can i go to the bathroom i have diarrhea Teacher- don't talk to me like that im a lady

Girl- Gage can i use your paper Gage- sure Girl- nevermind your answers are probably not right

Boy- ¨gage always says kiss me kiss me Teacher- lets not share that

Girl- stop tryna be gay with him hes tryna teach me

Boy- hes being mean to me Teacher- im not being mean to you ill show you mean Boy- not you, but ill show you mean ill run this class room

Girl - imma tell my dad, and my grandma, and my grandpa, and my mama, and my cousin, auntie, uncle, brother, sister, dog, cat Teacher- oh no im scared

Girl- remember at the beginning of the year when you emailed my parents and said i was being bad Teacher -because you were Girl - NO I WASN'T

Boy- because i can its a free country i can do what i want to

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