From Soulmates to Strangers

From Soulmates to Strangers romance stories

bethany Heartbreak and feelings
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You're just a living ghost of my past

From Soulmates to Strangers

by Bethany

From soulmates to strangers

I watch as you search in somebody else for something you found in me

You follow their accounts, you like their photos like you once did mine

Remember when I was the girl you were chasing after?

And you said I was beautiful

You said I was the girl you were proud to bring home to your mother

The girl she'd always hoped you would meet

So tell me, why can't I be beautiful enough for you anymore?

All the memories we shared together

Now just buried in the lyrics of our favourite songs

Becoming the cries of my heart as I reach out for you

Why did you leave me with no hand to hold?

It's been a year and now you're just a living ghost of my past

Nothing more than a stranger with my fingerprints all over your body

My kisses all over your lips

My memory buried deep inside your heart.

But you are no longer mine.

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