All Pandemic Roles Ranked
All Pandemic Roles Ranked pandemic stories

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Also, you'd be hard pressed to find a more inclusive and diverse cast of characters.

All Pandemic Roles Ranked

Also, you'd be hard pressed to find a more inclusive and diverse cast of characters.

1. The Scientist: The whole point of the game is to cure diseases, so it's hard to argue with the Scientist's utility.

2. The Generalist: An extra action per turn is always welcome, regardless of the mode of play or number of epidemic cards.

3. The Researcher: Adds flexibility to your card collection efforts, and indispensable when playing the Lab Challenge.

4. The Medic: Very useful except in a solo game. You'll be too tempted to keep fighting the infections directly instead of trying to cure them.

5. The Quarantine Specialist: Before there were quarantine rules, there was the Quarantine Specialist. Arguably as effective as the Medic.

6. The Archivist: Having a larger hand of options is always useful.

7. The Epidemiologist: Right behind the Researcher when scrambling for the right cards.

8. The Field Operative: Unless you're down to the wire, converting disease cubes to cure cards is a godsend.

9. The Contingency Planner: Sometimes you KNOW you'll need that Event card later on.

10. The First Responder: When paired with cure-centric roles, the First Responder can put out fires as well as the Medic.

11. The Operations Expert: Best in co-op games.

12. The Containment Specialist: Different version of the Medic

13. The Troubleshooter: Hands down the coolest sounding role.

14. The Field Director: The most Plain Jane Pandemic role.

15. The Pilot: Can't be played in the solo game and he's the most useful with 4 co-op players.

16. The Dispatcher: Like the Pilot, best in a bigger team.

17. The Virologist: Her abilities work best in a team.

18. The Local Liaison: Excellent in the Lab Challenge

19. The Colonel: Only usable with quarantine rules, and a no-brainer when playing with those rules. Combined with the Quarantine Specialist, Outbreaks are no longer a problem.

20. The Pharmacist: Can be useful but rarely saves the day.

21. The Veterinarian: Only usable in the Hinterlands Challenge.

22. The Gene Splicer: The apples-to-oranges conversions can be easy to misunderstand at the worst moment.

23. The Bio-Terrorist: Included for completeness. Definitely not "useful".

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