I miss you
I miss you
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bestboykyungsoo 19 - EXO-L + ELF - Pro Snape Slytherin
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An open letter to my TC (teacher crush)

All photos are of Kyungsoo and Siwon lol

I miss you

To the top of your grey speckled hair, down to your neatly polished shoes

Your crooked smile and gentle demeanor

You believed in me and made me feel special when no one else would

But I was young and dumb, you didn’t get to know the real me

My brain scrambled and my tongue tied when I had the chance to talk to you

My words fell into nothingness, what came out was not purposeful

But I tried I tried to collect myself every time I saw your face

I tried to act like any normal person around you

It was hard, but I tried

It’s been almost 2 years now since we last spoke, since our last hello and goodbye

I only wish for one more, one more hello, one more smile from you, one more “how’s it been?”, and one more “see you around”

But you have a better life You have someone to go home to Three children to greet you at the door Unlike myself

So I am sorry I am sorry for any discomfort I have given to you I am sorry for ever feeling this way towards you

I am sorry that I miss you

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