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by bernardtwindwil

During the American Revolution

Major Talmadge had agents infiltrated under the noses of the British.

Dangerous work

The British thought nothing of executing any spies they came across in or out of uniform.

Necessary risks

The future of the United Colonies and their freedom depended on gathering intelligence and passing it to Washington.

One such spy

There was a very courageous intelligence agent wo was a school teacher in New York.

Brave man caught

This brave man was caught with dispatches to Washington.

Death penalty

He was sentenced to death at a drumhead court-martial.

Hung by the neck until dead.

This young man was one of Washingtons favorites. He loved talking to him.

The tragic news

Washington had not seen his favorite spy for some time. He inquired of Major Talmadge, "Where is Nathan?" Talmadge replied "I am sorry sir. He is an Ex-Hale."

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