A poem for Christmas.
A poem for Christmas. christmas stories

bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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Help me clean up and tighten this work at which I have stared for three weeks.

A poem for Christmas.

A rattlesnake sheds its skin.

Strolling near the river I caught a glance The child was held stiffly it had no chance

Loosely draped in a filthy rag elfin legs exposed The tiny face blue with eyes half closed

I can't fathom man's lust for brutal violence The first to suffer the horrors are innocents

Which accursed sin demands my witness Inaction brands me an accomplice

Inspired by monstrous rhetoric Kind men morph to evil lunatics

Home of the brave denied to a helpless child How can a diapered tike become so reviled

We under estimate man's propensity to embrace evil in all its barbarity

Shall a grieving mother cast off her kin Like a ratlesnake sheds its skin

Can a decent person dispose their values Are morals a matter of pick and choose

Tear gas and toddlers simply can't fail As this year's Christmas cocktail

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