The woman who asked me to marry her is my hero of heroes
The woman who asked me to marry her is my hero of heroes hero stories

bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller,
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Today is Veteran's day. Adrienne has
more valor than me. She is my hero.
She served 26 years

The woman who asked me to marry her is my hero of heroes

by bernardtwindwil

She was the first full fledged liberated woman I ever met.

She demanded equal rights and treatment for women WITHOUT HATING ON MEN. She is the real deal.

She is the most competent person I ever met.

After marriage she took control of my helter skelter life. She organized everything in my life to make it easier for me.

She is the most loving person I have ever met.

She loved me. She loved my crazy cat. She loved my daughter from my first marriage, She loved dogs. She loved every person she ever met. She taught me to love myself.

She loves her country. She loves the people and the land.

She became an Army Nurse Corps officer to he of help to lesser heroes who stood watch on the wall by day and by night. She joined the Public Health Service to care for Native Americans.

She has more fight per ounce than any creature I know of.

When she senses an injustice she will fight it with selfless disregard for her own life. Trump and the people who voted for him have pissed her off.

She is more adventurous than Indiana Jones.

She will go anywhere, do anything with anybody as long as it is to do good. She has climbed mountains, repelled down cliffs, and dance on the table at Oktoberfest in Munich.

She is the most trustworthy person I have ever met.

If she says she has your back, she will not die until you are clear. If the situation sucks she be square with you and tell you. If you wear a beautiful smile, she'll tell you.

She is the most charming person I have ever known.

When we stay at a motel, she knows the names of the desk clerk, maid, cook, and maintenance man and the names of their spouse and birthdays. She is on a first name basis with Generals and CEOs.

She is the most courageous person I have ever known.

She may be scared but she will overcome and go toe to toe with the devil. She is morally courageous decency and kindness are her creed. She is the original Mama Grizzly.

She is called Nonni now.

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