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I just read this article. I hope this information can help some of you. I have used this technique since I could remember.

The Mantra

by bernardtwindwil


Mostly pronounced Oww uuhm. Has been in use thousands of years.

I walk in harmony in harmony I walk

This is a southwest Athabaskan mantra. It has been used since at least the13th century

God is good God is great

A Western European Christian mantra in use since the Dark Ages.

Bismillah Al-Rahman, Al-Rahim

"In the name of Allah the most compassionate, the most merciful. " A very powerful chant.

Benefits to depressed persons

The journal Brain and Behavior published a study in 2015 that showed how brain activity changes when you repeat a mantra—a single word mantra, to boot—to yourself.

Matras sooth your brain chemically

By saying something positive and meaningful to yourself over and over again, you slow down the default mode network in your brain, which is what increases harsh self-judgment.

My own experience

I have used mantras since child hood. Before beginning a test in school or a test of physical prowess. I would mumble to my self, "I am better than this. I am bigger than this. I will prevail"

Repeat your mantra and visualize calm.

I have had faith that I could pass any test as long as I had control of my mind. Sure I would get worried & freaked. But, say the mantra.

Extraordinary changes with simple habits.

It takes just a second. Then you are in control of that magnificent organ called a brain. Please try this. No matter how confused, anxious, or depressed you are. try it. Peace be unto you.

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