The immortals
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The immortals

by bernardtwindwil

To live forever?

How can people consider living forever when they haven't lived for so much as a second in their lives.

What is it to live?

Is it merely to maintain aerobic metabolism in a self-regulating organism capable of movement from one location to another?

Is there a difference between being alive and living?

Is living merely fulfilling our physiologic destiny? Is it thinking and accessing the knowledge of the ages? A cholla cactus in Arizona and Mexico has been alive for thousands of years.

Only a homo sapien can wish for forever.

It is because of our cerebrum, a small bundle of protoplasm and accessory tissue makes us immortal. We can appreciate the past. We can plan the future.

Mankind is already immortal.

Thoughts become energy becomes matter becomes energy becomes thought once again in an eternal loop. We are part of that loop.

No thought is original. Each thought is eternal.

Any idea we have was thought of before. Any thought we think will exist through eternity.

We are, always have been and forever shall​ be.

We are a less than a nano portion of the universe. But we are a portion . The universe is universal. Hence our immortality.

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