The far side of the moon
The far side of the moon jealousy stories

bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller,
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This is sort of a Tom Dooley reprise written astronomically. I suppose it is also somewhat of a Barbara Allen lament. I thought I would try to connect to the dark side. I was inspired by watching a NASA documentary about the moon and how it was a complete mystery until space satellites. I was made a cuckold by my first wife. Calm down, no drama, no murder, no rending of flesh and clothing I just took my daughter and left in calm cold detachment. Two years later married the love of my wife after a three week engagement. Learning to love is so much more important than learning to hate.

The far side of the moon

by bernardtwindwil

It is so cold and dark as gloom I'm on the floor hogtied and bound The door is locked to my new room I don't know if I will be found

I'm on the far side of the moon Deep silence I can't hear a sound I really thought I was immune Even though no one was around

I think maybe it was about noon I saw you two and my heart drowned You were hand in hand love abloom Both had me completely clowned

My hand to my hip then the boom You lay bleeding on the hard ground Caught within the web of your loom Grief and misery both abound

The song of love was out of tune I weigh treachery by the pound My heart break to you I impugn My once kind smiling face has frowned

Horrid deeds drop me in a swoon The gravity does me astound You will be buried this afternoon A grave and tomb will you impound

The green eyed monster sealed my doom But why, why did you so confound A love, a life so opportune My feelings for you so profound

A cuckold pathetic buffoon Alas no peace I have found Here on the far side of the moon Here on the floor hogtied and bound

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