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My true story. Heartbreak and murder

Suh Tsan

by bernardtwindwil

Pronounced as Suzanne

Her father was a Vietnamese Mathematics scholar at the Sorbonne He was brilliant the Germans were in awe of the awards he had won

Paris is Paris even while occupied by the Bosche

Another student he tutored was also intelligent but with the Maqui The sau bosche were closing in after D-Day they wanted to be free

One way out, to Vietnam under Japanese occupation

Getting a visa was difficult almost impossible even between Axis Allies If they, both Catholic, married in a great ceremony, their chances would rise

There were bureaucratic hurdles

They did not receive a visa they made him a Captain of Kemp Tai Concubine or spouse to accompany Japanese soldier to Chu Lai

War was from four ways in IndoChina

He deserted from the Japanese and joined the Viet Minh To fight on the side of the Vietnamese with Ho Chi Minh

A precious bundle arrived during French oppression

She was given the name Suh Tsan after her beautiful mother Suzanne When Ho became a communist Colonel Tran could not be their man

Vietnam had a great university in Hue

Tran Dien became a professor of mathematics and engineering Suzanne was a professor of engineering with daught under wing

The little girl was a genius no doubt

She ran, leapt, and rolled through her secondary form She enrolled in Hue at 16 and at 18 the Sorbonne norm

Not just a genius but a world class beauty

She would not wear Parisian fashion and couture Her Ao Dai was for her and made her more demure

She returned to the Hue she loved so

Suh Tsan joined the engineering faculty with Mom and her Dad At a General's reception, she wore her Ao Dai but her face was sad

Who is to say when lightning strikes

Their eyes met that enchanted night he wore medals head to toe She in a regal gold and white Ao Dai she wanted him for her beau

The flash that is only in sonnets

He was intelligent beyond his peers who wore the green beret She was wise beyond her years and he chased her fears away

Two whose souls entwined

He made her laugh. He made her feel totally safe during a hellish war She challenged his intellect and made him feel valued like never before

A hitch in the gittyup

They could love in every way but his honor and vows he would not debase His wife was a whore and screwed everyone at his German base

There love remained a platonic masterpiece

They laughed and sang he read her his poetry She would weep She would touch his arm and look in his eyes til she fell asleep

They loved from near and far

He lived with a stone age tribe in the high hills with his platoon She lived in a double sampan houseboat on the Rive Parfum

A sundown ritual

She would sit outside the sampan and read his poetry to the hills He would climb a tree until he could see the silver Parfum's rills

They were closer than most lovers can be

On the ground bullets from everywhere, explosions, stray rounds In the heat of battle danger close, he could hear her voice "Stay Down!"

A truce, ceasefire for Chinese New Years

Tea cakes and parties. dragon parades, little ones chasing candy Plans were made, a sexless lovers tryst dressed like a queen so dandy

Hell on Earth became hell in hell

Hitch hiked in chopper to Hue All hell breaks loose Marine run Takes me hours to reach the sampan, my dogs dead Suh Tsan gone

I was going to divorce and mary her

I knew her name had been called by death squads she couldn't run My dreams shattered I took solace only in the sound of my gun

My pain so great I cried and cried

I sighted in for me or her and pulled the trigger at least 360 times I know I don't miss. A growing hill of VC dead are my war crimes

I took almost a year to get back in gear

All I wanted was to kill NVA. To search and destroy. A killing spree I stopped. I wanted to become the man Suh Tsan thought me to be

Suh Tsan's love gave me a future

Suh Tsan was murdered in 1968. I divorce my Hun in 1972 I remarried in 1975. I was able to love myself and my new wife too

Every Tet, I thank Suh Tsan for the life she gave me.

Yes, I still get choked up and tears come every year. The year after next will be 50 years. I don't want to ever kill another human being. I'm through.

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