Ripples in the fabric of time
Ripples in the fabric of time dream stories
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bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller,
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A little ditty on the origination of dreams

Ripples in the fabric of time

by bernardtwindwil

Gravitational waves work their magic Changing resonance frequencies in my brain Creating thoughts beyond my dreams

A collision of black holes a trillion years back Particles an waves smashing my reality Bringing dreams of Galileo instead of unicorns

Dreams tethered to a maelstrom of gravity Pirouette prior to a churning embrace Marriage of opposing forces of physics

Quintillions of dream energy units Pulsating forever into the sleeping Minds of generations until forever

A haiku of rare metals and quarkish things Singing of the cosmos to sailors at sea And shepherds high in the Pyrenees

Dreams of the always has been And forever will be cruelly Maligned by the terminally ignorant

In dreams exists the never ending wonders I am waiting for my dream of never ending Amazement of things I cannot see.

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