Our culture and society are deeply flawed
Our culture and society are deeply flawed hyupersensitivity stories
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bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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I know some of you young people are tough as nails. A few wallow in self-pity. We need to get a lot tougher than we show right now

Our culture and society are deeply flawed

by bernardtwindwil

We have become so hypersensitive that honesty has suffered.

We are so deeply ensnared by identity body politics and enmeshed in political correctness that existential truth no longer exists as an empirical body of knowledge.

Social friction is normal and unavoidable except for Borgs

That friction is not a melodrama of microaggression related to every aspect of social interaction. The relentless effort to make culture effete is pernicious.

We have made glimmering innuendos heteronormativity.

Now we have LGBTQ+. If we dare label that as aberrant behavior. With or without an assessment of value or moral judgment. Actual tolerance of difference is less important than the nomenclature

Abilities have become anathemas.

Any advancement based on competence is denigrated. It has become more important to use the politic metric without regard to merit or potential.

Something is profoundly wrong in our progressivism.

Politic carping from academia and pretentious pontification of modern progressives do not indicate scrupulous morality, they indicate that hypersensitivity is out of control and harmful.

50 million people have no respect for your triggers

We perch on a razor's edge with our "trigger-meters" fixating on the calculations as to whether or not to pull those triggers or remain silent in our learned anguish. Life is hard.

We have abdicated freedom of speech and rugged individualism

100's of poets, Whitman, Whittier, and Vincent-Benet, have written numerous odes to our individuality and our ability as people of the streets, farms, and cattle ranges to speak our minds.

It is time to get tough or get buried.

White guilt, American guilt, male guilt, and religious guilt will destroy those who refuse to bury it. Contrast those feelings to the riotous crowds cheering Trump. Take umbrage at your own risk

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