My New Years Resolutions
My New Years Resolutions stories

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
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I don't know if these are determination or resolutions.

My New Years Resolutions

by bernardtwindwil

1. I do hereby resolve to write.

To write like time is running out. To write like there are no censors. To write like there are no critics. To write because my life depends on it.

2. I do hereby resolve to dance

To dance to the beat of my own music. To dance as there were no one watching. To dance no matter how much the pain.

3. I hereby resolve to sing.

To sing my own songs. To sing my grandchildren to sleep. To sing even though I am off key. To sing even if I dpon't remember the lyrics.

4. I do hereby resolve to live

To live every second of every minute of every day. To live as if each day were my last. To live so as to leave a legacy of love.

5. I do hereby resolve to read

To read the greatest of writers. To read the least of authors. To read to my grandchildren at every opportunity.

6. I do hereby resolve to accept my limitations.

I will never get back my physical strength. There is never-the-less much that I can do. I can mentor, I can hug, and I can still laugh.

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