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Usually, everything works fine. Atrium fires-ventricle fires

The atrial node fires then it passes through the atrial-ventricular node. splits at the bundle of His down the purkinje fibers through th left and right bundle then bingo your heart pumps​.

Repeated firing from the atrium. Ventricle not so much

The atrium fires repeatedly the ventricle is stingy with its response. Causing poor circulation and resulting in symptoms of lightheadedness. This is second degree heart block.

The atrium firing and ventricle firing to their own tune.

Very poor circulation of oxygen. Resulting in low oxygen damage to the heart's muscle. This is third-degree heart block. The muscle is injured and parts start to die.

An electronic pacemaker can help

Thye electrical signals bypass the damaged heart fibers. They directly stimulate the cardiac muscle sending life-saving oxygenated blood to the body. If not then....

Damaged heart muscle in the ventricle fire frantically

The damaged cardiac muscle beats rapidly and inefficiently further depriving the heart muscle and brain of oxygen. Eventually, the heightened activity and lack of oxygen will...

Ventricular fibrillation a fatal rhythm seldom correctable.

The heart starts quivering like a bowl of Jello. There is not sufficient oxygen. Lactic acid builds up and shuts down the muscle completely until the heart slowly changes to.......

Agonal rhythm means the heart muscle is dead .

There are some residual chemicals present which present a non-pulsatile electrical event until........

Flatline is a term symbolically used in literature​.

This means there is no cardiac activity or life left in the muscle or electrical system of the heart. It is..........THE END!

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