Looking for a clue

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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I started this for the clueless prompt
I had to think a lot. I hate seeing you
young people hurt and hurting

Looking for a clue

by bernardtwindwil

Same story

I never talked to anyone. He/she brought me out of my shell, made me trust had sex he/she left. I cried Saw him/her with another. I know he still loves me. I will always love him/her. Why?

over and over and over

Have you ever noticed the persistent nature of some of the writer's troubles and woes on this site? Have you noticed the solutions they try are both repetitive and ubiquitous.?

it always fails....always

I saw him/her here and there. (CLUE#1 stalking) I know you still love me (CLUE#2 he/she never did) I will always love him/her (Clue#3 it is infatuation not love)

and you don't know why

I miss his/her blue/brown eyes (CLUE# 4 physical attributes =attraction not love) I loved his/her messy hair (See CLUE#4)

STOP! Now make yourself attractive. (CLUE#9 it's within you)

Value yourself. Don't let a predator to abuse you. Learn to laugh at yourself. Go on to the next adventure in life. Dance alone and naked.

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Yes your are right i have let me sole dance for long enough now it's time for my mind to ree gain control i was in love with the taught of being in love sometimes you need to let your heart have a play great post

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This one was a sweet piece, Grandy! BTW it's been a while, hope you're doing well. :)