How to deal when your boss is a......
How to deal when your boss is a...... stories

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How to deal when your boss is a......

by bernardtwindwil

Red boss. Always angry. You can never do anything right

This guy is always angry about something. No employee is credited with doing anything right. They rant and rave about even the smallest matters.

You need to take pains to document his behavior

Document time, place, and persons present. What he said and did and what you said and did. Be careful this will irritate him to apoplexy.

Try to remain within a group

By remaining within a group of your peers you can usually deflect the boss's more violent behavior. There is safety in numbers.

Do not meet in private always have a witness.

There is no transaction between you and this boss that won't be improved by having a witness.

Get everything in writing, if you think it's a crazy order

Do not atagonize the Red Boss.

It should be kept on a basis where you are the adult. He will always be the spoiled brat.

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