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bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.fun
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Comments please. This is a work in progress. A tribute to women who reclaim their lives.


by bernardtwindwil

Look, I am the soiled dove Often used never loved beginning from a tender age I'd nothing else by which to gage

the aim and purpose of all the flatter love I thought was the heart of the matter convinced my self heaven above forgave this emotional love

let him control my life thought I would be his wife At a hundred parties we'd attend He loaned me out to all his friends

He told me this was proof that I loved him Finally, I realized this life so grim I used my body to gain love it came like a bolt from above

I was just an object treated with gross disrespect fuck'm and the horse he rode in on I'm taking back my pudendum

self-respect and declaring me myself putting your love and bull shit on a shelf you'll never touch my nude body your lies about love are shoddy

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