Guilt and shame

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
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Guilt and shame

by bernardtwindwil

Guilt is all you.

It is an inward expression of your feeling of bringing harm to another. Weigh your feelings. Your actions may have been harmless. You may have acted in defense of another.

Guilt is a cop out

It is easier to feel guilty than it is to realize how and why you have wronged another. You are capable os defining your moral ground. Stay within those boundaries. Take the high ground.

Taking accountability erases guilt.

Stand up you homo sapien and admit when you have been wrong. Apologize and make a plan for improvement. You own what you do on this Earth. Be beholden to your fellow man.

Do the right thing

You can escape a life of guilt and shame by weighing all action possible and doing the right thing. The right thing tio do is not a deep dark secret It is right there in your face.

Shame is the inward bound perceptions of others.

Shame is how your psyche punishes you in reaction from others. You are in charge of whether or not you choose to be shamed. If you are being shamed, do not participate as a victim.

Shame is a tool for bullies

Whenever you feel shame or help shame others, you are using a bully's toolbox. There is no shame in standing alone. That takes courage. "Shame on you!" are curse words.

Courage trumps shame

Shame is individual, Feeling shame is acquiescing to a bully. Shame is a bully's weapon to you on those who are courageous enough to stand alone.

Guilt and shame are a coward's domain

Cowards and bullies are the same things. They see themselves as hard boiled badasses. Remember, every hard boiled egg is yellow on the inside

You are not the Lone Ranger

Ask for help if faced with guilt and or shame. You have friends, family, teachers, and the internet. Don't let the jerks get to you without asking for help. Stay on the sunny side.

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@george I have observed the behavior of bullies for some 65 or so years. I allowed myself to be bullied at 5 yrs of age. I have seen my friends bullied. I happen to be short and strong as hell. I beat down bullies during high school. I realized that I was no better than them. It breaks my heart that bullies continue to wreck people's​ lives.

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"Shame is a tool for bullies" agreed. Very very true