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by bernardtwindwil

What could be more distasteful?

To be ex-sanguinated. Your blood being replaced by extremely environmentally dangerous chemicals. You are placed in a fake wood box then in concrete.

A horrible thing to do your loved ones

They have to make pilgrimages to place dead flowers where you are polluting the ground. They have to think of you in that hole. When that which was you is not there.

Your funeral will cost more than a new house.

There is the cost of the grave in perpetuity. The massive amount of flowers. Hiring all the transport vehicles. Being overcharged for a casket.

They call this civilized.

Putting a huge expensive load of poison in the ground. Bankrupting families because they are coerced to dig a grave.

No Grave for me!

I want to be burned in a funeral pyre then spread in a garden. Or...anything...I'll be dead and unable to care.

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@bryanthomas Thank you. I was a "Berserker" when I was in the army. My wife says I still am.

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I guess you're a Viking at heart. Nice one!