Endless love canto one
Endless love
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bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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Anyone can find love with no end.

Endless love canto one

A set of small instructions and caveats.

The only reason that you are here today is because the first organism of our genome pursued the pathway to love.

That first piece is a physical attraction. The desire to mate is deeply ingrained on our sub-atomic information load. We are driven at the deepest level to continue our species.

The second phase is mental attraction. You have to both justify the rumblings of your nether regions be able to have a vertical relationship. At the same time, the two of you must develop a tolerance for your differences.

When these two elements fall into place, your brain and hormones then have a corporeal reaction resulting in the titillation we feel. This cause a change in brain chemistry that reward our synchronicity.

At this time it may only be limerance. That, however, can develop into true love if accompanied by a rational mutual respect, passion, spiritual fulfillment and acceptance.

All this becomes habituating and downright addictive. We are designed for love and a mutual heterogenous relationship. We are pack animals and fulfill our destiny by sharing it with another person.

Like anything else, the more you do it, the better and faster you get. As a young man in college, I could fall in love two or three times a weekend. People don't do that now.

Love lasts forever. The person you love does not have to be with you forever. You move onward and upwards. You move from one love to the next. No love ever ends. I still look back on loves that did not end in being a lifelong couple. But, I will never forget and I will always smile....

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