Eintritt Verboten
Eintritt Verboten  forbidden stories

bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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I worked this up over time. I don't know whether to continue.

Eintritt Verboten

by bernardtwindwil

The sign on the door said.

"Entry forbidden" An aging white sign with red lettering. Attached to a heavy steel door painted gray with rust streaks dripping from the hinges and the dogging locks on the door .

It looked unmolested for year.

Not unusual in Germany but for its location deep in a forest. It was on the side of a hill inside a limestone grotto. The vegetation had grown over the old path seemingly unused since the war.

I was out for a walk with my dog.

Was it worth the danger of finding out what was inside. Definitely Bruno was an Alsatian shepherd. He was whining and pulling on his leash wanting to get away from there

Spooky or just dangerous.

I didn't know. But it still sent a trilling through my nerves. I wanted to go inside. I was going to . What a great adventure.

The lock was old and rusty.

I smashed it with a handy piece of cobble stone. Bruno was still being a chicken heart. I managed to get the door open.

The first whisper of air said "don't go inside."

The air was fresh not stale from years on neglect. I had heard of the "Werewolf", an organization that vowed to continue the Nazi fight into the future.

"Bruno, get your candy-ass over here!"

Bruno was whimpering, the air was fresh, and it was an old Nazi bunker. What could go wrong? There was no dust inside and the lights were on. I heard no generator running.

I explored the first room and the second.

I heard footsteps from a sealed bunker? . Bruno went bonkers and nearly pulled me down. I hid behind a door. A man dressed in a WWII General SS uniform came in the door for a stealthy peek.

Bruno pushed the door close.

The guy had a K-98 rifle pointed at me. Bruno's training kicked in. He sprang for the SS man's gun hand. I bolted to run into another SS re-enactor or WTF. He says, "Komen sie mit.".

I went with him and his Schmeisser sub-machine gun

I kept glancing back and only got a right side profile. He shoved me into a room. An officer had his back to me. He turned to me. He was half flesh and half rotted skeleton.

I nearly went scheisse in mien hosen.

to be continued, maybe. You tell me

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