Dizzy a biography (introduction)
a biography (introduction) friendship stories

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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I started in Special Forces as a section sergeant. Dizzy was one of six guys in my section. I will be starting a serial on the life and time of Dizzy as I knew them. He left me and the U.S. Army to become a goat herder in Nepal in 1973. He helped me to become who I wanted to be.

Dizzy a biography (introduction)

by bernardtwindwil

Dizzy was my buddy. He was among the most original thinkers.

God placed Dizzy on my path in my way.

The path was narrow. I could not walk around him.

I had to pick him up and carry him. He was no burden

He was not heavy. He taught me that who I was was good.

He had to be set free. It grieved me to let him go.

Dizzy haunts my memory.

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