Dating from boy to man Part 2 The Prom
Dating from boy to man Part 2  The Prom dating-dance.--morals stories

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Dating is an essential chore prior to making a committed relationship work. In this, I look strictly at the man's behavior.

Dating from boy to man Part 2 The Prom

by bernardtwindwil

The invitation

Should it be written, or in person, or both? Curtis would say, "You, me, prom 6:30 May ,22." Who would go out with him? The Homecoming Queen!!

The invitation (cont.)

Steve said, "Send it by certified mail." Why? "You can prove you got stood up." Bill said, "Ask her in front of the whole school. Shame her into saying yes.

The invitation (cont.2)

Country Tom says, "Ask her in a private romantic place. Hand her a hand written invitation with a single red rose. When you hand it to her, bend a knee." Who would go? Any girl!

Your dress

What should I wear? Curtis said, "Brand new bib overalls." Bill said a tuxedo, whit tie and tails. Country Tom says, "Whit dinner jacket or your best Sunday go to meetin' suit..

What about flowers?

Bill says, a shoulder corsage, a wrist corsage and a flowered tiara. Curtis says, whatever is in bloom at the city park. Country Tom says, always an orchid colored coordinated with her gown.

The ride?

Bill says, rent a limousine and driver. Curtis said, Make sure your pick up is clean. Country Tom says, If you don't own a car ride with a friend. Or borrow your parent's car.

The restaurant supper

I need a bib to keep from soiling my clothes. My gosh, what should I order? I don't know hardly anything on this menu? What is escargot? Curtis says eat your Big Mac with a knife and fork.

The restaurant supper (cont.)

Bill says to order chateau briande for two or lobster. Country Tom says get recommendations from the waiter and this ain't your last meal before being hanged. It is just a bite to make the date

The dance

I have two left feet, what if I step on her feet? Do I have to dance? Bill says take dance lessons and dance like DWTS. Curtis says just steer that little fillie to the floor and let her rip.

The dance (cont.)

Country Tom says take her to the dance floor and treat her like a queen. Dance like you two are the only people in the world and you are dancing on the palace balcont in the light of a full moon

The after prom party

Is this where I know if I will score? Bill says you know she wants it so press on, she'll appreciate it later. Don't take no for an answer, she doesn't really mean it.

The after prom party (cont.)

Curtis says bring an air mattress for the bed of your pick up. Women respect that. You know she wants to breed. Git 'er done!

The after prom party (cont.2)

Country Tom says you are not going to a cathouse. Respect her wishes in every way. Be an old fashioned gentleman. If the young lady says no or even show hesitence, stop. NO MEANS NO!!!

General points

Chivalrists attract more women than rapists do. It doesn't take penetration to commit rape. You are not a man for forcing sex of any kind on an unwilling young lady

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