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Just a couple of examples beyond the subjective.


by bernardtwindwil

Orange Crush

A semi-nasty sugary soft drink with a horrible tasting imitation orange flavor, Denver Broncos are known to their fans as the Orange Crush because of their team colors. Love affair with citrus.

First Crush

First crush grapes for premium wine. First crush premium extra virgin olive oil. Early adolescence physical attraction as an imfatuation.

Grape Crush

An otherworldly colored and flavored soft drink. When the harvest of a vineyard is pressed to make wine.

Candy Crush

An insipid brain numbing game played on smartphones by billions of non-thinkers worldwide.

Crush là gì

Crush là gì, định nghĩa crush ra sao. Đây là câu hỏi của khá nhiều bạn. Crush trong tiếng anh là một từ khá nhiều nghĩa. Tùy từng hoàn cảnh và trường hợp khác nhau mà nó được định nghĩa mỗi khác.


A regional rock band in the South East United States.

Crush Injury

. A crush injury results from prolonged continuous pressure on large muscles like those of the legs or arms, which results in muscle disintegration.

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