Championship champion stories

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
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I wrote this for a view as a champions beyond the sports view.


by bernardtwindwil

Do you wanna be a champion? Or just a contender?

It isn't always scoring the most points. It is always being out there trying

Champions champion the weak or the downtrodden

The poor, the depressed, the confused never feel the tape breaking across their breast the pain in victory is also exaltation run for those Who can't run for themselves

Oh, modern day Sir Lancelot so many need your championing

ride good sir ride and joust for those without a mount who will ride if not you where oh where a champion for the common man of meager means

The laurels of championship will rest kindly on your brow

the reward is in the quest memory of you will be revered your name in history rose petals or hemlock it is your choice

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