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Can one really be without being sentient Does vitality suffer for being quiescent


Breathing in carbon dioxide In a huge gasp Breathing out oxygen our life within grasp

I think therefore I am

Do we exist as per Pascal because we merely think? Do we cease to exist when we mindlessly blink?

Being and nothingness

Is being only when we become an empirical objservation? Is it evident that nothingness is a failed expectation?

Presocratic being and subsatnce

Does dimensionality imply being? Does being change with what we are seeing?

Being is what we are and what we may become...Aristotle

Is being based on actuality Creating an act of potency

Being is astī (is-ness) is rather than hastī (existence).

This is by Avicenna. Does the Persian verb asti (is) mean being? Does the verb hasti (existence) have a different meaning?

I am what I am because that's all that I am. Popeye

The US Army says, "Be all that you can be" My being is not defined by what I can't or won'r be

Does this help anyone?

A meaningful life is not from anything external. It comes from inside you heaven or hell.

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@michaelschulze Thanks, all the world's philosophies agree on that point you become the sum of what you do.

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Our lives are influenced by our environment but in the end what we choose to make of our lives depends solely upon ourselves no body ever said life was meant to be easy great poem