An ancient
An ancient aging stories

bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller,
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Reflections on seniority

An ancient

By An ancient one

So much has passed before my eyes Some remembered and then some I deny The haze of time and distance softens the thistle and thorn Life is good memories are sweet and warm

Growing old is a hard thing to do weariness is wearing One must be strong, tough, resilient and caring Friends taking the long sleep leaving you with tears and dust You walk and think slower if at all you painfully rust

Attention turns to what, if anything, will be left behind Memories associated with images not well defined Thoughts connected to faces I cannot name A consternation of confusion bears the blame

Distant remote recall of the past tense Brings disremembered smiles as a gentle recompense Transformation from flesh to granite Legend entreats longevity on this planet

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