A road oft taken but seldom finished
A road oft taken but seldom finished stories

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A road oft taken but seldom finished

by bernardtwindwil

There was a small cottage in the woods

The woods were at the base of the mountains with numerous cobbled and dirt paths winding through the mountains passing hundreds of caves out of sight from one another.

The caves hid hermits who were learned and had wisdom

The little boy's mother prepared some simple food for the hermit. For the hermits were wise and knew what to eat and what not to eat. The mother knew that the hermits would bless her son.

It was a strenous hike to find the cave of the hermit.

The little boy took the special porridge to the hermit. His mother had given him detailed instructions on how to find the exact cave with the wise Hermit.

The boy trudged through the mountains

He was careful to follow the instructions exactly. He was excited to find the hermit because there was no one like him in all the world. Maybe he will learn something new and unique.

The cave was found.

The little boy sat while the hermit ate. The hermit told the little boy that he was unique and there was no one like him in the world. So be very secretive about who he told about the location

The boy returned the next day

He took a wrong turn but found the same old man in another cave. He fed the lod man who told him to keep everything a secret .

He was the only hermit in a cave. The boy said you told me that yesterday. The hermit said I have never seen you before. The boy scratched his head.

Back up the mountain

On the third day, the boy went on the same path he thought but the old man was sitting in a different cave. He looked like the same old man the old man told hime to keep his location secret.

The boy said he would keep the secret. Like the past two days he said. The old man said that he had never seen him before.

The boy meets his teacher

On his way to the hermit, the boy bumps into his teacher. He tells him about the strange old man. The teacher laughed. He told him that there are hundreds of caves and hundreds of hermits

They all think that they are unique originals.

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