20 May 1968 0800 hrs DaNang, Republic of Vietnam

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This is a true story. It has to be flash because that is the way it happened. I led a group of 18 men to try and find any members of RT Idaho. I failed. To this day there has been no trace of them. The fourth slide is a picture of the actual men right before they went out. In 2018 it will have been 50 years. It still haunts me.

20 May 1968 0800 hrs DaNang, Republic of Vietnam

by bernardtwindwil

Mission: infiltrate and report on enemy activity in Oscar 8

Oscar 8 was an area of eastern Laos denied to US reconnaissance because of strong enemy forces. It was at the junction of Route 9 and route 922. A main crossroad of the Ho Chi Minh trail.

0830 hrs two H-34 Sikorsky helicopters from the 219th VNAF

They roared like a huge bomber. The crewmen wore black flight suits and distinctive helmets with long colorful silk scarves that they let stream out the cockpit windows.

0845 lift off from CCN compound six RT Idaho men aboard.

RT Idaho consisted of two US Army Special Forces sergeants and four Chinese Nung mercenaries. They were heavily armed and had four radios. The flight landed in Oscar 8 at 0948.

RT Idaho on reconnaissance patrol moving away from their LZ.

1000 hrs 20 May 1968 RT Idaho is on the move from their LZ to designated reconnaissance area. The team leader makes routine contact to inform HQ of successful landing.

1024 hrs. 20 May 1968 last transmission.

RT leader Sfc Glenn Lane reports to "Covey" the forward air controller flying overhead that he is unable to talk​ because of intense enemy activity

The end?

1024 hrs was the last transmission ever. RT Idaho is still officially listed as MIA. No trace of the six men was ever found on later search and rescue missions by other Special Forces SAR.

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@pluto A few years ago, Laos opened a tourist site in one of the huge cave systems used during the war. It is vast and branches of the caves run all the way through Vietnam and Cambodia. I often wonder if those guys followed someone or were abducted into that cave system and disappeared from history.

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oh my gosh :O