Bad Habit by: benziekell
Bad Habit
by: benziekell love- stories

benziekell 19 yr old college kid who feels a lot
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the first paragraph to something I wrote forever ago, enjoy xo

Bad Habit by: benziekell

In an exact instant, the moment we saw each other was almost completely in-sync with one another. Three seconds, with eyes fastened onto his, prolonged into what felt like minutes.

A gelid, blue gaze tapped into my very core. In that moment, I felt my body along with every bone, every organ, and every vein in it, tense with a heady fright.

I did not know him before this moment, nor had I ever seen him before, but with such a gravitational force between his eyes and mine, I somehow knew the universe wanted me to.

I think maybe he sensed how vulnerable this knowledge made me become.

When the oxygen abandoned my lungs momentarily, a small, faint grin visited his lips--a smile so faint, I was ultimately only intrigued by whether or not it was malicious or genuine.

Yet, with all of the will power I had to exude, I turned my cheek, but I could still feel him staring.

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