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Needless killings

Stop The Madness

Pointless Death

Don’t look at me Murder of the first degree Buried under my mothers tree I’m not just some spectacle For you to see and think it’s acceptable

Now that it’s the norm That we are stuck in some insane storm As long as it isn’t you and yours It doesn’t seem to rock you to your inner cores

Why aren’t you mad!?

You sit there and pretend to be enraged But you really don’t want to be engaged I won’t pretend I’m not guilty This feeling we have of dismissal is filthy You are going to keep scrollin As lives are constantly stolen

I need you to imagine if you will Your most loved one lying still A stream of their blood Creating what looks to be a flood Their blank dead eyes looking back As if asking why the attack

That’s the end right there You’ll never get to care Never get to share No more hugs or kisses No more hearing any wishes Just a lifeless body A memory that suddenly becomes foggy No more voice to be heard No coffee to be stirred

No laughter No more happily ever after Just a pointless death And one last single breathe

Why aren’t you angry!?

Now go ahead turn on the news Look at more of our people we had to lose When does it end How much more tears can we spend How many more friends, brothers, daughters, mothers, fathers funerals shall we attend

Now look back at me Being lowered into my grave near my mothers favorite tree I want you to feel the anguish These parents will continue to languish

Feel their helplessness Feel the end of their own lives As at the bottom of the grave their only son lies There’s no coming back Everything has crashed off track

Regardless of the why Or what we will be told is a lie That gun didn’t kill That man would have found some way to get his fill Whether it be a car or a pencil Someone under the ground would rest still

The numbers somehow would be the same Without even having to take aim I don’t know how people believe that Not after looking at every stat

I’m done arguing a point that has so often been made And these other people on this delusional ground they have stayed I’ll stop trying to push this point I wouldn’t want to disappoint

If you can take away anything from this I want you to feel the pain and hopelessness of deaths kiss To imagine a bullet penetrating your skin Feeling the life go out from within

As the man above fires away with a grin Blood on your hand As more bodies around you land Think it through Don’t ignore putting on the other shoe

Life is precious No one wants to look at a loved one lying there breathless No reason but hate Let’s get that straight

If you read this all And you don’t feel the call To do everything In your power To make sure every hour We are working to a solution So no one else will face sadistic execution

Then I don’t know how to reach you And the love you claim to have in your heart is not true

Why aren’t you angry?!

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