fool felony part 2
fool felony part 2 lucifer stories

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The deeper we gaze into the abyss the more questions we have and the more answers we want. At first, the world was just a dark space.

fool felony part 2

The deeper we gaze into the abyss the more questions we have and the more answers we want.

At first, the world was just a dark space.

Slowly life began to assert itself and new life forms existed.

These life forms are now called gods...

They had a large mana pool that made them regarded as legendary creatures.

They used that terrifying mana to create life.

After living for thousands of years, they felt bored and decided to start a game to satisfy their needs.

They challenged each other to create the perfect race, the strongest and wisest one.

This marked the beginning of a new era, the age of gods' worshippers.

The races hated each other, and none could destroy the other because of the balance of power.

The goddess of humans Merla ordered her people through an oracle to socialize with other races, because it could benefit her in the big picture.

Because of that, a new specie was born from the union of humans and fae(non-elf) and people called them sorcerers.

The sorcerers had a large amount of mana like fae and strong bodies like humans.

Rumors started going around that sorcerers are gods candidates.

The actual gods liked these interesting events and praised Merla for her actions.

The church didn't like this, because they spent all their life trying to gain the gods favor but some rogues (referring to sorcerers) got it easily.

The envy of the church continued to rise and that's how I got into their plans in last life.

But my reborn has begun to paint a stunning picture of how the future might unfold.

Three days from now a bandit group renowned as snow drakes will raid this village and leave a pile of copses behind.

That was the triggering event that made me go through the path of murder in last life.

So ,I must prepare for the attack before it happens.

By preparing I mean strengthening myself. I still have the knowledge from the past so I shall reach the highest stage in this life once again.

There are three types of magical power:

Origin magic (borrowing power from a god you worship)

Spirits magic (gaining power by making pacts with spirits)

Attribute magic (using mana to make the unnatural happens according to your attribute).

I use the latter; the first step to master attribute magic is to train your mana core.

By constantly shrouding yourself in mana, you can grow the size of your core and make your body more adapted to mana.

It is a necessary process for a sorcerer, who had spent his life accustomed to villager life in the peaceful world.

The bandit group might contain numerous masters and magician, so I should prepare for the worst.

(My two main attributes are fire and thunder.)

To speed up the process I have to sacrifice a container, a place where I can store extra mana. This step is called the root.

If I decide to use a spell then I am to going use my root.

The more precious the part of body the stronger the root becomes and the larger mana becomes.

- Summoning arts: Lucifer.

-"what did you call me for?

-I want to choose my root..

-I see, I shall warn you sorcerer, once it's sacrificed it's never restored.


-Then what will you choose?


-Are you deaf?

-Take it all.......

-what did you say...?

-are you also deaf? I sad take my entire being.

-ha...ha I like you are quite interesting! Let's strike a deal then.

-what do you want?

-your soul is strange ... it doesn't belong here and it has some of that person power.

I told him the truth and how I got here .

He stood unfazed and his suspicious looks started penetrating me. It's as if I can't hide anymore.

-"I see, today I am happy because of your news. I shall give you a surprise."

* Second manga chapter


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