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A “poetic” discription of my workplace.


Rolls of yarn as far as the eye can see

People scrambling across a concrete sea

Sewers with their machines at foot

Fingers fly, and thread, their needles shoot

Around the tables, people stand

Hats turned, thread cut, and boxes filled all by hand

Another table another task to attack

Here we inspect, cut, count and stack

Sights abound but then they ask, what’s with this heat

You start to explain that it is not easy to defeat

When almost on que you see a cloud of steam

Used to lay them flat and separate the seam

The steam is not the only source of our woes

The dryers have a bit to do with it I suppose

Large and shooting flames you could say

The heat is enough to keep most of us at bay

For those the washers may be better

However, the humidity is not for a sweater

Into the machines that make the material

The size, age, and differences surreal

They start to spin as they ask the yarn to dance

The yarn then flies from it’s spools at the chance

Up to the sky before it turns to fall

Back to the needles that constantly call

Excited to see their partner once again at last

Together machine and yarn like years past

Come together and create with many lines

Materials for customers to pluck from the vines

Forks lift and driver looks as yarn and loads are moved

In the shop metal scrapes as parts are improved

Customers that come to see are in for a treat

When our office workers they do meet

Always smiling and happy to show good will

For this is life in a knitting mill

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