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But lets be real... - a personal rant

Dear Austin

I've written a "Dear Eric". Now, it's your turn. Two years ago you were a friend. We worked together and you had a girlfriend of two years at the time.

I knew this so I made sure to keep things between us strictly plutonic. But lets be real we were never friends. You told me it was love at first sight. An unspoken chemistry.

You found odd ways to talk to me at work but I never knew thats what you were actually trying to do. I just thought I was messing up a lot. I was new. Then you broke up with her.

Two years is a long time but you assured me the love for her had been gone for a while so I said "yes" when you asked me out.

It only took two months for me to become confused towards you and end it. I broke your heart and you texted me later that night asking if we could keep trying.

I said no that I needed to be single now and had to make it clear we were really done. But lets be real we were never really done.

We stayed friends, in fact we were best friends, and we proved the "exes can't be friends" theory wrong. You were always so good to me. I wish I loved you like you loved me.

But I stopped after two months. You never stopped. I knew. It then took one year for you to stab me in the back. It was to protect our friendship in a twisted way but you were still a liar.

I had a past with liars. I broke your heart December 2015 and you broke mine January 2017 so I guess we were even. You came to me this July and asked forgiveness.

You made me think you had changed and would do the right thing this time. It only took one month for me to find out you hadn't. You had a second chance and blew it.

We never got our timing right. Now would be a good time. If we were talking. I guess it really is over now. But lets be real we know it's not over.

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