That Night....
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That night, I saw a familiar face looking from under my bed...

That Night....

I remember when I was six, me and my mom were coming home from my cousin's place.

That night when we were on our way home, the taxi got broke at the middle of nowhere, that's why me and my mom decided we would call for help.

After a quite long time a white ambassador stopped for help, there was an old woman who looked as deadly as hell,

with a bunch of curly grey hair that was tangling from both the sides of her face, she was wearing a white floral dress with pearls in her neck.

"We need a lift", my mom said.

"Get inside the car", the lady answered.

While we were on our way my mother asked me to thank this very kind lady to offer us help at this time of the night. I did as I was said but, the lady never said a word in return.

To my surprise, I saw something unusual on the rear view mirror, the lady was staring at me with a monstrous grin on her face. I felt dizzy.

After sometime we entered a gas station, the old lady went to the washroom, by looking at a good chance I told my mother that how she was giving a creepy smile towards me.

My mom told me, it was okay and not to think much more about it.

After a while we reached home, we waved the lady a goodbye and went inside our home. It was 11:30 pm, my mom made my bed and gave a goodnight kiss and went to her room.

After couple of hours later I heard a knock from under my bed. I switched on the lights to look and to my surprise there was no one.

I felt wired, as I might have seen a familiar face near my window. I called my mom, she checked the window and closed it and asked me if I would be alright, I nodded in return.

When she left, I went near my window to check if I was right about that familiar face. But there was no one. I went to my bed.

After few minutes later I heard the same knock from under my bed, I gained some courage and looked under my bed, and to my surprise I saw the same creepy looking smile.

I ran towards my mom's room and slept there.

In the morning we saw our front door was wide open, from where came a chilled wind that swept my nerves. My mother checked all the rooms if there was any theft happened but all was good.

When I was getting ready for my school, my mom was reading the daily newspaper and there it was, the familiar looking face with a creepy grin, the tangling grey hair on the front page.

I said my mom to look at it, she read the news out loud and to our surprise she was a maniac who has ran from an asylum and was caught at 12:00 am.

I told my mom about that monstrous face I saw under my bed, but she told me she could not have entered at the first place, but I asked her, then how come the door was left open.

She told me in return that, she might have forgotten to close it. My mom told me I had some hallucinations about that night.

But, till this day, I think someone is creepily smiling from under my bed.

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