A Disney Frozen Bedtime Story - ft. Elsa and Anna
A Disney Frozen Bedtime Story - ft. Elsa and Anna elsa and anna stories

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A sweet bedtime story about Disney's Frozen with Elsa and Anna! Adaptation/summary of the movie!

A Disney Frozen Bedtime Story - ft. Elsa and Anna

Elsa and Anna were two princesses and also best of friends.

Ever since they were little girls, they would spend all of their time together. Because that's what best friends do!

Since they spent all of their time together, Anna also knew Elsa's secret. A secret that NOBODY else knew.

Elsa could make ice and snow from her bare hands.

They found out her special powers by accident. Elsa and Anna were just playing around as kids when ice shot out of Elsa's fingers and sent Anna crashing to the ground

She was badly injured but eventually healed. As a result, Elsa was kept locked away. Every time she felt anger or emotion, she would lose control of her powers.

They couldn't risk it and as a result, they kept her far from everyone else.

Many years later, Elsa was ready to become queen and had a ceremony for her crowning.

She worked very hard to make sure her powers did not spill out on accident.

At this party, Anna fell in love. She met a handsome prince from a far land and decided to get married.

Elsa thought it'd be a bad idea to marry so soon and Anna and Elsa began to argue.

As they argued, Elsa lost control of her powers.

Ice shot out of her hands at full power and a storm began to brew.

The entire village saw her powers for the first time and Elsa fled for the nearby mountains.

Even though it was summer, the entire area faced a terrible snow storm from Elsa's powers.

Anna knew she had to find Elsa. She left the prince she met in charge and left to find her friend.

The farther Anna got from her village, the stronger the storm got. Eventually, even her horse abandoned her.

Alone in the storm, she found a stroke of luck

She was rescued by an ice harvester named Kristoff. Kristoff and his reindeer helped Anna climb the mountains in search of Elsa.

At the top of the mountain, Kristoff and Anna found a wonderous, beautiful sight.

They came upon a very nice snowman, a snowman named Olaf.

Olaf knew exactly where Elsa was and led Anna and Kristoff into the beautiful ice palace that Elsa had created.

Anna and Kristoff were amazed. Elsa's ice palace was absolutely magnificent and huge. They looked around in total awe.

And there, they found Elsa. She looked beautiful and worried.

Anna begged Elsa to return, telling Elsa about the terrible storm she had created, but Elsa refused. She was worried that she would hurt people with her powers if she returned.

The two sisters argued again. And again, Elsa lost control, sending a wave of ice right at Anna's chest.

Elsa conjured a giant snowman with her powers to chase Anna and Kristoff away. She knew that she couldn't go back.

Together, Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf escaped from the grasp of the giant snowman.

But Anna felt weird. Her hair was turning white and she was losing energy. Elsa's ice was freezing Anna's heart.

After bringing Anna home, Kristoff and Olaf learned that only an "act of true love" could save Anna from freezing.

In the meantime, a group of warriors from the village had gone to attack Elsa. They wanted the storm to be over so they captured Elsa in an attempt to stop the storm.

They captured her and contained her in a dungeon where her powers would not work.

Anna begged her prince to kiss her and unfreeze her heart. An act of true love, but the prince refused.

He was power hungry and only wanted to marry her for power. Now that he had power, he no longer needed her.

Olaf had seen the entire thing. He came to a huge realization. Anna needed to kiss Kristoff. Not the prince!

He helped her to go to Kristoff, but on their way, they saw the prince....and Elsa!

He was going to kill her. With a sword in hand, he swung at her.

Anna ran over with the last of her energy and jumped in front of the swinging sword. The sword shattered across Anna's frozen body.

With Anna in Elsa's arms, Anna began to thaw. Her act of true love saved her and saved Elsa!

They threw the prince in the dungeon and realized how much they missed each other.

With the two as best friends again, the winter storm subsided and things returned back to normal.

Elsa made a little ice cloud to keep Olaf from melting

And the little village, lived on, happily ever after!

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