When I saw you again
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beckbeck23 Just your average, sad poet gal :)
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Never did I expected to see you Despite it being a small town

When I saw you again

Never did I expected to see you

Despite it being a small town

We never did ran into each other

Probably because I only go to work and then stay inside for the rest of the day

Or for you it would be because of her

She has you wrap around her fingers even more than ever

Even more than I ever have

But not once did I expect to see you again

I hope I would

I imagine all the possibilities of what would happen

What would I say? What would you say?

But you didn't say a thing or even look my way

I knew then that anything between us was no longer there

We were strangers and that was it

But you seeing you again left a toll on me

I saw you and when I least expected it I was jumped by a anxiety or possible panic attack

The world had stopped

My breathing was caught

My hands - my body was shaking

I felt the tears in my eyes while trying fight them off

I should of said something

Why didn't I say something?

Even if you hated me and told me something horrible at least then I would know the truth of how you feel about me now and not just a assumption based off you not noticing me.

Why didn't I say something?.

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