The Death (Part 4)
The Death (Part 4) conjuring stories

beatnikwndrlst I is someone else.
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When humanity fades: we are only animals.

The Death (Part 4)

I could hardly calm him

He could hardly calm me.

He didn't want me to see such a thing.

We were huddled, terrified

Trying desperately to convince each other

That no one is going anywhere.

We clung to each other

Like scared children.

A jab in the night disturbed me,

And at once I became protective of him.

With a rage that could take on an army

Of a hundred men or more.

I was like a dying animal,

Beneath a porch in the heat.

I will thrash and bite,

Only to bring death nearer.

Such poison sweetness.


He grabbed my face,

Breathlessly he tried to keep me present

"It isn't worth it" He said, "Just stay."

Finally we could fall into restless sleep

I guarding over him like a cur

Who's master fell wounded

Impaled by fifty arrows.

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