A war with myself
A war with myself poetry stories

beardbro182 Community member
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Trying to write what i'm going through.

A war with myself

There's this battle I go to,

When everyone is gone.

When everything is silent,

The night echoes with the clashes of our swords.

Scarred with wounds deep and unseen.

Relentless. the fight in the night goes on.

Battering. Wounding - Devastating.

When the birds sing the battle stops.

I endure, Always.

And I go again, to a different battle.

With only a cover as an armor;

This battle is to be won not with clashes of the swords.

I dread to be here; Escape is my only hope.

To go back home,

To another battle?

I search souls to scream to -

To lift off some of these weights

When I go back to war with myself.

I must always go back where,

I win. Therefore, I lose.

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