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Some lessons you learn young, some only when you look back...


My feet didn't quite reach the floor, The first time my grandfather sat with me at the chess table.

He was not known as a patient man. But my quiet, intelligent gaze must have interested him.

The board lie between us, As he slowly moved through the pieces on the board.

He was very deliberate as he told me each of their names, And what each role they played, in which direction they could move.

He was not going to repeat himself, but he answered every question I had.

The mirrored finish of the black and silver board gleamed in the evening light. Each piece was weighted of heavy pewter and sparkled with colored glass detail.

On one side; Dragon pawns and dark castles lined the defense. Morgan le Fey frozen antagonistically at center stage.

On the other; Guinevere stands tall and righteous. Surrounded by knights of the round table and the bishop Merlin's great magic.

An epic battle is eminent.

But I learned early on...

It's all about the Queen

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